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Prostate Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2018 there are 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer and 29,430 related deaths in the US. About 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Make an appointment to go over your risks and the benefits of screening and early treatment. Dr Shakuri-Rad specializes in advanced surgical treatment of prostate cancer using the minimally invasive Robotic approach. 

Kidny Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates about 63,340 new cases of kidney cancer and about 14,970 deaths in the US in 2018. Dr Shakuri-Rad specializes in minimally invasive treatment small and large kidney tumors and offers various treatment approaches including minimally invasive Robotic total and partial nephrectomy. Make an appointment to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. 

Bladder Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that there are about 81,190 new cases of bladder cancer and 17,240 deaths from bladder cancer in 2018 in the US. Blood in the urine (Hematuria) is often one of the first signs and the lifetime risk is estimated at 1 in 27. Dr. Shakuri-Rad specializes in the minimally invasive endoscopic management of small non-invasive tumors and Robotic approaches for treatment of advanced bladder cancer.

Testicular Cancer
Adrenl Cancer
Penile Cancer

In addition to the cancers listed above, Dr. Shakuri-Rad offers treatment for cancers of the adrenal gland, ureter, penis, urethra, and testicles. Call or make an appointment to discuss your specific diagnosis or concerns. 

Kidney Stone

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people will have a kidney stone at some time in their lives. Dr Shakuri-Rad offers minimally invasive endoscopic treatments, shock wave lithotripsy, percutaneous approaches, and Robotic kidney stone extraction for large stones. We also work with you to identify your risk factors and generate a metabolic profile to help you reduce future episodes. 


It is estimated that benign prostatic enlargement affects over 27 million men each year. Dr Shakuri-Rad offers many treatment options for this condition including medication, minimally invasive procedures such as UroLift, and Robotic procedures for significantly enlarged prostates. Make an appointment to discuss your specific symptoms and start on your path to a better stream and less trips to the bathroom!

Penile Prosthesis

It is estimated that over half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). Most men are not aware of all of the treatment options. Dr Shakuri-Rad offers many treatment options beyond "The Blue Pill" and can help you regain the quality of life and intimacy with your partner that you are looking for. Make an appointment to discuss your options. 

Overactive Bladder

It is estimated that about 33 million Americans have overactive bladder.  Dr Shakuri-Rad uses a step-wise approach to OAB, starting with simple lifestyle approaches and offers a wide variety of treatment options including medication and surgical procedures such as InterStim therapy. Make an appointment to find out more about your options and start taking control of Overactive Bladder. 

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a very common condition which can affect emotional, psychological and social life. Many people are afraid to seek care or are not aware of all the options. Dr Shakuri-Rad may be able to help you find the right treatment option so that you can gain control over your bladder once again. 

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