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Prostate Surgery Leads to Better Survival vs. Radiation

A recent clinical update on prostate cancer in the Urology Times journal discusses new data on the survival benefits of surgical treatment of prostate cancer vs. radiation therapy.

Radical prostatectomy, which is nowadays almost always performed using a robotic surgical platform, may result in a reduced risk of developing an aggressive type of metastatic prostate cancer known as Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC).

After any treatment for localized prostate cancer, the cancer may recur. One of the initial treatments for recurrent cancer with signs of spread, is hormonal ablation, also known as Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT).

A recent research study found that 32% of patients who chose radiation as their initial treatment, ended up developing the more aggressive type of advanced prostate cancer. The study also showed that men who received radiation alone had 77% higher overall mortality after developing metastatic disease.

As prostate cancer rates continue to increase, it is important for patients to be well informed regarding their options. Many physicians who do not have access to a highly trained robotic surgeon may only offer radiation therapy as a primary treatment modality.

For localized prostate cancer or prostate cancer which has not spread outside of the prostate, robotic surgical treatment in experienced hands has shown in multiple studies to be superior to other therapies. Surgery also allows for radiation therapy later on, if the disease returns. Patients who elect radiation therapy as first line, often do not have the option of surgery later if the disease returns.


As always, the information above is meant to be informative and does not replace your physician's recommendations or judgement. Each individual case has to be evaluated carefully to determine the best course of action. Call or use our contact page to request an appointment to further discuss your unique case with Dr. Shakuri-Rad.

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