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Breast and Prostate Cancer. What's The Link?

Did you know that a family history of breast cancer increases a man's risk for prostate cancer? Family history of prostate cancer in a first degree family member also increases a women's risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, it appears that there is an inherited gene mutation that plays a role in both of these terrible diseases.

A recently published study in 2018 (Epidemiological Study of Prostate Cancer - EPICAP) concluded that a family history of Breast Cancer in first degree relatives before age 50 may increase the risk of prostate cancer with higher Gleason score.

Another 2015 observational study (Women's Health Initiative) demonstrated a 14% higher risk of breast cancer if a first-degree relative was previously diagnosed with prostate cancer. Breast cancer risk was 78% higher in women if first-degree relatives had been diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer.

Genetic studies have also shown a strong correlation between the Breast Cancer predisposition genes (BRCA1/2) and aggressive prostate cancer.

Make sure to tell your physician about your entire family history in order to better determine your risk of these common diseases. If discovered early prostate and breast cancer can be very effectively treated.

September was #prostatecancerawarenessmonth and October is #breastcancerawarenessmonth. Screening saves lives!


As always, the information above is meant to be informative and does not replace your physician's recommendations or judgement. Each individual case has to be evaluated carefully to determine the best course of action. Call or use our contact page to request an appointment to further discuss your unique case.

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